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Vendo Centinaia Di Cd Rock, Metal, Prog Pop

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Inviato 28 novembre 2017 - 20:59

vendo, in blocco o a lotti di 10 pezzi alla volta questi cd:




 Alan Parsons Eye in the sky cd 6 euro
 Alan Parsons Pyramid cd 5 euro
 Alan Parsons Tales of mystery and... cd 6 euro
 Alice Cooper Constrictor cd 4 euro
 Alice Cooper Raise your fist and yell cd 5 euro
 Anathema Eternity cd digipack 6 euro
 Angra Aqua cd 5 euro
 Angra Fireworks cd 6 euro
 Angra Temple of shadows cd 5 euro
 Annihilator Criteria for a black widow cd 6 euro
 Antharx Spreading the disease cd 5 euro
 Anthrax Amomg yhe living cd 6 euro
 Anthrax Fistful of metal + armed and 2 x cd 8 euro
 Anthrax State of euphoria cd 6 euro
 Arcana Dark age of reson cd 4 euro
 Asia Alpha cd 5 euro
 Asia Asia cd 5 euro
 Asia Astra cd 5 euro
 Asia Double live cd digipack 4 euro
 Asia Fantasia live in Tokyo 2 x cd 11 euro
 Asia Gravitas cd + dvd digipack 10 euro
 Asia Live in nottingham cd 2 euro
 Asia Omega cd digipack 6 euro
 Asia Phoenix cd 6 euro
 Asia Then and Now cd 5 euro
 Asia XXX cd + dvd digipack 9 euro
 Avatarium The girl with the raven mask cd 6 euro
 Balletto di Bronzo Ys cd 6 euro
 Balletto di brozo Sirio 2222 cd 6 euro
 Banco del mutuo soccorso Darwin cd 6 euro
 Bedemon Symphony of shadows cd 6 euro
 Beto Vasquez Infinity Infinity cd 3 euro
 Black Widow Sacrifice cd digipack 7 euro
 Bog Oak A teatise.. cd digipack 4 euro
 Broken Glazz Divine cd 6 euro
 Bruce Dickinson Tattoed Millionaire 2 x cd 9 euro
 Buggles The age of plastic cd 4 euro
 Camel Camel cd 6 euro
 Camel Mirage cd 6 euro
 Camel moonmadness cd 5 euro
 Camel Rain dances cd 6 euro
 Candlemass Death Magic doom cd + dvd digipack 11 euro
 Candlemass Lucifer rising cd 6 euro
 Caravan In the land of grey... cd 6 euro
 Carcass Heartwork cd 6 euro
 Carcass Surgical Steel cd 6 euro
 Cathedral Anniversary 2 x cd digipack 11 euro
 Cathedral The carnival bizarre cd 6 euro
 Cathedral The graden of unearthly... cd digipack 6 euro
 Cathedral The serpents gold 2 x cd 10 euro
 Cloven Hoof A sultan’s Random cd + dvd japan 14 euro
 Cradle of Filth Dusk and her embrace cd 6 euro
 Cradle of Filth From the cradle to the... cd 5 euro
 Cradle of Filth Goodspeed... cd 6 euro
 Cradle of filth Lovecraft and witcheart 2 x cd 8 euro
 Cradle of Filth Midian cd 6 euro
 Cradle of Filth Nymphetamine cd 5 euro
 Cradle of filth Tornography cd 5 euro
 Crismon Glory War of the worlds shaped cd 3 euro
 Culprit Guilt as charged cd 5 euro
 Danzig III How the gods kill cd 6 euro
 Danzig Live on the hands of... cd 3 euro
 Dark Moor Dark Moor cd 5 euro
 Dark Moor tarot cd 5 euro
 Dark Moor The hall of the olden dream cd 5 euro
 Death SS The Darkest Night EP cd 7 euro
 Deep Purple Burn cd 7 euro
 Deep Purple Come Taste the band cd 4 euro
 Deep Purple Do who you think who... cd 5 euro
 Deep Purple Fireball cd 7 euro
 Deep Purple In rock cd 7 euro
 Deep Purple Machine nead cd 7 euro
 Deep Purple Perfect Strangers cd 5 euro
 Deep Purple Stormbringer cd 7 euro
 Demon Night of the demon cd 6 euro
Denner /Shermann - Satan's Tomb - 5 euro
 Depeche Mode Black Celebration cd 6 euro
 Depeche Mode Construction time again cd 6 euro
 Depeche Mode Exciter cd 6 euro
 Depeche Mode Music for the masses cd 6 euro
 Depeche Mode Playing the angel cd 6 euro
 Depeche Mode Some great reward cd 5 euro
 Depeche Mode Songs of faith.. cd 6 euro
 Depeche Mode Speak and spell cd 6 euro
 Depeche Mode Ultra cd 6 euro
 Depeche Mode Violator cd 6 euro
 Dio Magica + Killing the dragon 2 x cd 7 euro
 Dio Sacred Heart cd 6 euro
 Disharmonic Carmini Mortis cd digipack 5 euro
 Doomsword My name will live on cd digipack 6 euro
 Doors Box collection 6 x cd slim digipack 40 euro
 Dream Theater A change of season cd 6 euro
 Dream Theater Black clouds and 2 x cd + dvd 15 euro
 Dream Theater Falling into infinity cd 6 euro
 Dream Theater Images and words cd 5 euro
 Dream Theater Metropolis part 2 cd 6 euro
 Dream Theater Six degrees of... cd 6 euro
 Dream Theater Systematic chaos cd 6 euro
 Dream Theater Train of thought cd 6 euro
 Dream Theater When the day and dream cd 4 euro
 Duran Duran Duran Duran cd 6 euro
 Duran Duran Seven and ragged tiger cd 6 euro
 Dyonisus Fairytales cd 3 euro
 Eldritch Blackenday cd 5 euro
 Eldritch El nino cd 6 euro
 Eldritch Livequake cd + dvd digipack 9 euro
 Eldritch Neightbourhell cd 4 uero
 Eldritch Portrait of the abyss cd 5 euro
 Enrico Ruggeri Vai rrouge cd 3 euro
 Enya The memory of trees cd 6 euro
 Europe Europe cd 4 euro
 Fates Warning Paralleles cd 6 euro
 Freedom Call Crystal Empire cd 6 euro
 Freedom Call Dimensions cd 4 euro
 Freedom Call Freedon Call cd 6 euro
 Freedom call The circle of life cd 4 euro
 Gamma Ray Land of the free II cd 5 euro
 Gamma Ray Majestic cd 5 euro
 Gathering Accessories B sides 2 x cd 9 euro
 Gathering Nightime birds cd 4 euro
 Guns n' Roses Appetite for destruction cd 6 euro
 Guns n' Roses Use your illusion I cd 6 euro
 Hammerfall Chapter V cd in metal box 8 euro
 Hammerfall Crimson Thunder cd 6 euro
 Hammerfall masterpieces cd 5 euro
 Hammerfall No Sacrifice no victory cd digipack 5 euro
 Hawaii The native are restless cd 5 euro
 Hawkwind Doremifalatisol cd 5 euro
 Hawkwind hawkwind cd 5 euro
 Iron Maiden Dance of death cd 6 euro
 Iron Maiden Death on the road live 2 x cd 9 euro
 Jean Michell Jarre Equinoxe cd 6 euro
 Jean Michell Jarre Magnetic Fields cd 6 euro
 Jean Michelle Jarre Oxygene cd 7 euro
 Jimi Hendrix Axis bold as love cd 5 euro
 Judas Priest Angel of retibution cd 6 euro
 Judas priest British steel cd 5 euro
 Judas Priest Killing machine cd 6 euro
 Judas priest Point of entry cd 5 euro
 Judas Priest Priest live 2 x cd 10 euro
 Judas Priest Ram it down cd 6 euro
 Judas Priest Stained Class cd 5 euro
 Judas Priest Unleashed in the east cd 6 euro
 Kansas Song for america cd 4 euro
 Khali Khali cd 3 euro
 Killing Joke Killing Joke cd 6 euro
 King Diamond Give me your soul please cd 6 euro
 Kiss Hotter than hell cd 5 euro
 Kiss Kiss cd 5 euro
 Kiss Love Gun cd 5 euro
 Kiss Sonic Boom 2 x cd digipack 10 euro
 Labyrinth Sons of thunder cd 4 euro
 Led Zeppelin Celebration dy 2 x cd + dvd digipack 15 euro
 Litfiba Trilogia Live 2 x cd digipack 10 euro
 Locanda delle fate Forse le lucciole cd 6 euro
 Loorena Mc kennith The book of secrts cd 6 euro
 Loorena Mc kennith The mask and mirror cd 5 euro
 Lotus Thief Rervm cd digipack 5 euro
 Luca Turilli Demonheart cd 4 euro
 Luca Turilli King of the nordic twilight cd 6 euro
 Luca Turilli Prophet of the last eclipse cd 7 euro
 Lupus Gladi Veristas cd digipack 5 euro
 Magic Kingdom Symphony of war cd 4 euro
 Magnum Chase the dragon cd 6 euro
 Manowar Battle Hymns cd 5 euro
 Manowar Fightning the world cd 5 euro
 Manowar Sign of the hammer cd 5 euro
 Manowar Sign of the hammer cd 5 euro
 Matheos / Arch Sympathetic resonance cd 5 euro
 Megadeth Cryptic Writings cd 6 wuro
 Megadeth Youthanasia (2 COPIE) cd 5 euro
 Mercyful Fate 9 cd 6 euro
 Metallica Death magnetic cd 6 euro
 Mike Oldfield Box studio albums 8 x slim digipack cd 35 euro
 Mike Oldfield Earth Moving cd 6 euro
 Mike Oldfield Hergest Ridge cd 5 euro
 Mike Oldfield Ommadawn cd 5 euro
 Mike Oldfield Q2E cd 6 euro
 Mission Aura cd 2 euro
 Mission Carved in sand cd 5 euro
 Mission masque cd 2 euro
 Motley Crue Relics cd 4 euro
 My Dying Bride A map of all our failure cd 6 euro
 My Dying Bride The angel and the dark river cd digipack 6 euro
 My Dying Bride The dreadful hours cd 6 euro
 My Dying Bride The voice of the wretched cd digipack 6 euro
 Nightwish Oceanborn cd 6 euro
 Orme Collage cd 5 euro
 Orme Storia o leggenda cd 5 euro
 Overkill Fuck you expanded cd 6 euro
 Overkill The years of decay cd 6 euro
 Overkill Under the influence cd 6 euro
 Paradise Lost Believe in nothing cd 5 euro
 Paradise Lost Faith divided us... cd 6 euro
 Paradise Lost Paradise lost cd 7 euro
 Paradise Lost Tragic Idol cd 6 euro
 Peter Bjargo Architecture of melancholy cd digipack sealed 8 euro
 Piero Pelù Bene Bene Male male cd single digipack 2 euro
 Piero Pelù UDS cd digipack 5 euro
 Pretty Maids Future World cd 4 euro
 Pretty Maids Red hot and heavy cd 5 euro
 Primal Fear Seven seals cd digipack 5 euro
 Prog Italiano PFM + Banco + The Trip + Rovescio della medaglia 4 x cd slim digipack 20 euro
 Queen A day at the races cd 6 euro
 Queen Hot Space cd 6 euro
 Queen Innuendo cd 6 euro
 Queen Live at the bowl 2 x cd 10 euro
 Queen Live at wembley 2 x cd 10 euro
 Queen Made in Heaven cd 6 euro
 Queen Queen II cd 6 euro
 Queen Return of the champions live cd 4 euro
 Queen The Game cd 6 euro
 Queen The miracle cd 6 euro
 Queen The works cd 6 euro
 Queensryche Rage for order cd 5 euro
 Rainbow Beny out of shape cd 6 euro
 Rainbow Difficult to cure cd 6 euro
 Rainbow Rising cd 6 euro
 Rajna Black tears cd digipack 5 euro
 Rhapsody Ascending to infinity cd 6 euro
 Rhapsody Rain of thousand flames cd 6 euro
 Rhapsody Symphony of enchanted cd 6 euro
 Rhapsody Symphony of..part II cd 7 euro
 Rhapsody The cold embrace of fear cd 7 euro
 Rhapsody The Dark secret cd 3 euro
 Rhapsody The frozen tears.. cd digipack 9 euro
 Rhapsody Triumph and agony cd 6 euro
 Rick Wakeman Journey to the centre.. cd 4 euro
 Rick Wakeman Return to the centre of.. cd digipack 5 euro
 Rick Wakeman The six wives... cd 4 euro
 Roger Waters Box collection 7 cd + 1 dvd 7 x cd slim digipack + dvd 65 euro
 Sabbath Assembly Quaternary cd digipack 6 euro
 Saxon Power and glory cd 5 euro
 Scorpions Love at first sting cd 5 euro
 Secret Sphere Mistress of the shadowlight cd 6 euro
 Sepultura Schizophrenia cd 6 euro
 Sex Pistols Never mind the bollocks 2 x cd 9 euro
 Simple Minds Box 5 box 5 x cd slim digipack 25 uro
 Siouxie and the banshees Join Hands cd 6 euro
 Sisters of Mercy First and last.. cd digipack 6 euro
 Sisters of Mercy Floodland cd digipack 7 euro
 Sisters of Mercy Greatest hits cd 3 euro
 Sisters of mercy Vision Thing cd digipack 6 euro
 Slayer Divine Intervention cd 6 euro
 Slayer Live Undead cd 6 euro
 Sonata Arctica Ecliptica cd 6 euro
 Sonata Arctica Takatalvi cd 6 euro
 St Vitus Lillie F 65 cd + dvd digipack 11 euro
 Steve Hackett Cured cd 5 euro
 Steve hackett Defector cd 6 euro
 Steve Hackett Feedback 86 cd 6 euro
 Steve Hackett Higly Strung cd 5 euro
 Steve Hackett Live Rails 2 x cd digipack 11 euro
 Steve Hackett Out of the tunnel mouth cd 6 euro
 Steve Hackett Spectral mornings cd 6 euro
 Steve Hackett Wolflight cd + dvd digipack 12 euro
 Steve Vai Passiona and warfare cd 5 euro
 Sting The dream of the blue ... cd 4 euro
 Stratovarius Elements Part I 2 x cd box 11 euro
 Stratovarius Infinite 2 x cd digipack 9 euro
 Stryper Live in America cd 3 euro
 Suicidal Tendencies Join the army cd 4 euro
 Tangerine Dream Force majeoure cd 4 euro
 Tangerine Dream Hyperborea cd 4 euro
 Tangerine Dream Phaedra cd 6 euro
 Tangerine Dream Ricochet Live cd 6 euro
 Tangerine Dream Rubycon cd 5 euro
 Tangerine Dream Stratosfear cd 6 euro
 Testament First strike still deadly cd 5 euro
 Therion Les fleurs du mal cd 4 euro
 Therion Live in midgard 2 x cd 10 euro
 Twisted Sister You can stop rock and roll cd 5 euro
 Type O Negative October rust cd 6 euro
 U2 The unforgettable fire cd 3 euro
 Uli John Roth Scorpion revisited 2 x cd 11 euro
 Ultravox Quartet cd 4 euro
 Ultravox Rage in eden cd 7 euro
 Ultravox System of romance cd 6 euro
 Ultravox Vienna cd 6 euro
 Van Der Graaf Generator Still life cd 6 euro
 Van Halen 1984 cd 5 euro
 Van Halen Diver down cd 5 euro
 Van Halen Women and children first cd 5 euro
 Victor Griffin In Graved (ex Pentagram) cd digipack 6 euro
 Voivod Katorz cd digipack 5 euro
 Voivod Target Earth cd digipack 6 euro
 Wardruna Runadjo cd 6 euro
 Whitesnake 1987 cd 5 euro
 Whitesnake Slip of the tongue cd 5 euro
 Wildfire Brutal force cd 4 euro
 Wildfire Summer Lightning cd 4 euro
 Wonderland Eternally cd 2 euro
 Yes Heaven and earth cd digipack 5 euro


Paradise Lost - Tragic Illusions 25 - 6 euro
Paradise Lost - The Plague Within (Digipack) - 9 euro
Paradise Lost - Gothic (digipack) - 7 euro
Rhapsody - from Chaos to eternity - digipack - 8 euro
Cirith Ungol - Paradise lost (digipack) - 8 euro
Death - Symblic - 7 euro
Vicious Rumors -Vicious Rumors - 6 euro
Dream Theater - Score - Live (3 x cd) - 12 euro
Dream Theater - Once in a Livetime - Live ( 2 x cd) - 10 euro
Dream Theater - Live Scene from a Memory - Live (3 x cd) - 12 euro
Rainbow - Down to earth - 5 euro
Deep Purple - Made in japan (live) (2 x cd) - 11 euro
Primal Fear - Black sun - 6 euro
Guns and Roses - Use your illusion II - 6 euro
Saxon - Innocence is no excuse - 6 euro
Saxon - Denim and Leather - 6 euro
Saxon - Crusader - 6 euro
Steve Hackett - Please don't touch - 6 euro
Steve Hackett - Voyage of the accolyte - 6 Euro
Lizzy Borden - Murderer Metal show (Live) - 6 euro

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