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Lista Di Cd'.s *jazz - Italiano* In Vendita..

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Inviato 25 febbraio 2017 - 10:50

Intendo vendere i sottoelencati CD's di Jazz sia Italiano che di alcuni jazzisti

Americani. Ogni lista è composta da 6-CD's. Scrivetemi per accordi..

Un saluto, Ciao fabio  .,Roma -




Each List  contains a set - List of 6,six-CD..on sale...

Please, write for Informactions., Ciao fabio.  ., 


,,,,,,,,, 1* Set - List ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
1-nicola arigliano ,vcl-Trio,,I sing ancora,,Live in Matera ,vl,1*,onix003.,-
2-nicola arigliano ,vcl-,,My name is Pasquale,,nun,0145902.,-
3-nicola arigliano ,vcl-Trio,,Go Man.,! ,,nun,OS,0302.,-
4-nicola arigliano ,vcl-Trio,,Nu ' ritratto,,Live in Matera ,vl,2* ,onix006.,-
5-lino patruno,,TheJazz All Stars Italy ,,Live in San Marino,,300-566.,-
6-Quartett ''CETRA'' ,,Nella vecchia fattoria,, Warner-fonit,3984.,-
,,,,,,,,, 2* Set - List ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
1-gil cuppini ,5t ,,What 's New.?,,Right Tempo-cd,811.,-
2-gil cuppini ,''Musica Jazz'',,Caprice,,MJcd,1114.,-
3-gil cuppini ,''Groups''*Jazz in Italia*40'+50',,RJRcd,015.,-
4-DAVID NG,Trio,Giorgio Azzolini,cb,Gil Cuppini,dr *Late Nite*,ned1001-
5-Basso , Valdambrini ,5t ,Made in Italy,,vl,1* ,fonitCetra,5005.,-
6-Giorgio Gaslini ,2,cd ,,L' Integrale,(1948 - 1964)SoulNote,,1 - 2.,-
,,,,,,,,,, 3* Set - List ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
1-ginger baker,dr ,Trio ,charlie haden,cb ,bill frisell,cht
    ,,Going  Back Home,,
2-ginger baker,dr ,,The Album,,itm,1469.,-
3-ginger baker,dr ,Jens Johansson ,Jonas Hellborg.,Unseen Rain,,dem028.,-
4-ginger baker,dr  ,,No Material,,sonny sharrock ,peter brozman ,jan kazda..-
5-doug hammond ,dr ,,spaces,,Steve Coleman ,Byard Lancaster,DIW ,359.,-
6-sunny murray,dr  ,,13* steps on glass,, odean pope ,wayne dockery,ENJA.,-
,,,,,,,,,,, 4* Set - List ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
1-Ed Blackwell,dr ,,What It Be Like,,Live , project ,vl,2* ,ENJA ,80542.,-
2-Ed Blackwell,dr ,,What It Is.?,,Live , project ,vl,1* ,ENJA ,70892.,-
3-Roy Brooks ,dr ,,Duet In Detroit,,Randy Weston ,Woody Shaw ,Don Pullen..-
4-Chico Hamilton,dr ,,Dancing To A Different Drumming,, Soul Note,291,2.,-
5-The MOFFETT ,family jazz,, *Magic Of Love* ,,Venus Records.,-
6-ZBIGNIEW LEWANOWSKI ,dr ,,Three Generations Trio,,Live.. PDD.,-
,,,,,,,,,,, 5* Set - List ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
1-The *HEATH*brothers ,,Marching On..!,Jimmy ,perch,albert.,Strata-East ,660.,-
2-Jimmy Heath ,sax 4t ,,You Have Changed,, steeple-chase.CD,31292.,-
3-Duke Jordan,p Trio,,Osaka Concert,,Live vl,1^wilbur litte ,roy haynes.,-
4-Duke Jordan,p Trio,,Osaka Concert,,Live vl.2^wilber litte ,roy haynes.,-
5-Duke Jordan,p Trio,,In Concert ,Osaka,,2,CD,Live..Steeple Chase ,37005.,-
6-Hampton Hawes,p Trio,,Bird Song,,Scott LaFaro,cb ,frank butler,dr .,-
,,,,,,,,,,, 6* Set - List ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
1-JO JONES ,dr ,,Sextet,, bennie green ,tommy flanagan ,forrest ,,FSRec,cd,144-
2-JO JONES ,dr TRIO ,,Ray Bryant,p ,Tommy Bryant,cb .EmArcy,cd,534-2.,-
3-''Panama'' FRANCIS ,dr 2,cd,,Get Up and Dance,, Savoy Sultans  ,Stash,2cd.,-
4-ELMO HOPE ,p ''All Stars Session,,Coltrane ,Heath ,Byard ..MCD ,cd,47037-2.,-
5-RON  CARTER,cb+HELEN MERRILL;vcl ,,D U E T S,,EmArcy ,cd,097,2.,-
-6-MARK  ISAACS ,p Trio,,encounters,, dave holland,cb ,roy haynes,dr VeraBra.,-
,,,,,,,,,, 7* Set - List ,,,,,,,,,,,
1-Kenny Barron p ,,Therd Eye,, Musica Jazz ''High Tide ,cd,9177,2.,-
2-Kenny Barron,p Trio,,Wanton Spirit,,Charlie Haden,cb ,Roy Haynes,drGitanes.,-
3-Oliver Like ,Andrew Cyrille ,dr 5t,,My Friend Louis,, DIW ,jpn-cd,858.,-
4-David Murray,sax ,Milford Gravesd ,dr ,duo ,,Real Deal,, DIW ,jpn,cd-867.,-
5-CHICK COREA,p 4t,,Live Montreux,1981,,henderson ,peacock ,roy haynes.,-
6-Charlie Haden,cb ,,The Montreal Tapes,,Don Cherry ,Ed Blackwell ,Verve,523.,-
,,,,,,,,,,, 8* Set - List ,,,,,,,,,,,,
1-Giampaolo Ascolese ,dr 5t.+. guests ,,Isoritmo,, Beat ,Rcd,cd.505.,-
2-Ada Montellanico ,vcl+JIMMY COBB,dr Trio,,The Encounter,,Philology,662.,-
3-THE ''TRIO''electric,,CHILD,,Stefano Macrino ,,Armetta,cb
  ,,Boccacci,dr ,PentaCD.,-
4-ROY  HAYNES ,dr 4t,,Homecoming,,Live in Boston ,Evidence,cd,22092.,-
5-LOUIS HAYES ,dr 5t,,Maximum Firepower,,Vincent Herring ,Savant,cd,2078.,-
6-EXPLOSIVE  ,DRUMS,,jo jones ,cozy cole ,ed thigpen .,


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