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Vendo Lp / Box Rock Tutti Sigillati (Radiohead, Metallica, Steven Wilson, Tool, ...)

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#1 mynameisluca



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Inviato 20 agosto 2016 - 08:14


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#2 PDeVo


    Classic Rocker

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Inviato 20 agosto 2016 - 12:06

per i Radiohead ti consiglio di contattare per pm Casei Gerola Addio, è di Milano quindi non avresti il problema della spedizione

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#3 avatar blackwolf

avatar blackwolf

    Serotonin II

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Inviato 21 agosto 2016 - 09:09

complimemti , sei stato appena trollato.


Ora aspettati una valanga di insulti via pm.

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Delia, queen of the fairies.was presiding over the feast of plenty,celebrating 3,000 years of peace. In the midst of the celebration Delia felt a pull from the skies.She looked up and saw dark clouds forming on the horizon in every direction. She fell into a trance and left the party
heading for her home on a high hill. At first, the fairies were puzzled. But then they too felt a force drawing them to follow.Delia was alone inside. The storm grew until it was a raging cyclone hovering over the dwelling. One of the older fairies ventured inside the house. There lay Delia on her bed holding a pair of twins in her arms. The older fairy instantly knew that these were not ordinary twins, but magical wizards. The baby wizards were polarized like magnets: one attracting with a magnetic draw., the other repelling and impossible to get near. Avatar, the kind and good wizard. spent much of his boyhood entertaining his mother with beautiful visions. Blackwolf, the mutant wizard would never visit his mother and spent his time torturing small animals.


#4 Bara dei pupi

Bara dei pupi

    Dungeon Synth nei giorni pari e Vaporwave in quelli dispari

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Inviato 21 agosto 2016 - 10:59



RADIOHEAD Karma police EP1 >>> 5 EUR

RADIOHEAD My Iron Lung EP >>> 5 EUR

RADIOHEAD No Surprises EP1 >>> 5 EUR

RADIOHEAD Street Spirit (Fade Out) EP1 >>> 5 EUR


RADIOHEAD Pyramid Song EP >>> 5 EUR

RADIOHEAD 2+2=5 EP1 >>> 5 EUR

RADIOHEAD High & Dry Planet Telex >>> 5 EUR


RADIOHEAD Paranoid Android EP1 >>> 5 EUR

RADIOHEAD Fake Plastic Trees >>> 5 EUR

RADIOHEAD Drill 4 track EP >>> 5 EUR



mi interessano questi in blocco ma vorrei pagarli di più, dato il valore

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