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Ancora Australia, Ancora La Benemerita Fire Talk (Etichetta Però Americana), Con Lawrence English Alle Macchine, Erasers ‎– Pulse Points

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#1 Bara dei pupi

Bara dei pupi

    Dungeon Synth nei giorni pari e Vaporwave in quelli dispari

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Inviato 09 settembre 2019 - 20:07

non è una grande pubblicità ma a me piace perché è mal prodotto


official video da poveri


i brani


1 foto e 2 descrizioni, andatevene affanculo, voi e loro


'Pulse Points’ a new album from Perth Australia based Erasers sees the duo continue their exploration of immersive, rhythmic and mood-driven music. The record gently sits between kosmische and post-punk in that sweet spot of mellow, vibe engulfed cool. Live Erasers have honed and refined their sound, sharing the stage with like minded groups like Low, Grouper, Acid Mothers Temple, Prince Rama, High Wolf and The Soft Machine as well as multiple shows with long time musical heroes My Disco, Love Of Diagrams and Pikelet. All of these groups counted as influences and contemporaries ‘Pulse Points’ is a a stride forward, solidifying their place in the modern pastoral landscape. Recorded and mixed at home on Noongar Boodja and mastered by Lawrence English (Eluvium, Ben Frost, William Basinski, Xiu Xiu).
"The vastness of the Australian landscape, with its natural susceptibility to isolation, can perhaps only be fathomed not by sight, but by sound. Or so Perth-based duo Erasers would have us believe with their deep-beyond-deep sophomore LP, Pulse Points, out July 12 via Fire Talk Records. There’s an inherent obscurity in their delicate melding of drone and oscillation, which serves to open the mind rather than block its view. Their new single, “No Wonder,” premiering here, is testament to this, a furtherance down a path towards omniscience.
An indiscernible rumbling opens the track, like the winds of time gently pressing against your cheek. It never quite leaves, but is only built upon with a meditative synthesizer theme embedded with the gravity of all that ever was and all that ever will be. The bumbling of an archaic rhythm begins to pulsate through the whole thing, as though the earth itself has placed your fingers over its carotid artery. It whirrs on consistently, with minimal arpeggiations and octaval variations growing like vines out of soil. Larger-than-life vocals hum out of the distant cloud cover over ever-expanding desert, their dronish hum piercing the soul to a standstill. It’s religious, almost, the repetition of “No wonder, nothing’s left to lose / I hear the ring of truth,” like chanting some god not yet invented. Odd, because there lies nothing but wonder in these notes. It’s simultaneously inward and outward-looking, perhaps Erasers’ most ruminative track to date. The sounds fade out gradually, though it could very well have gone on forever, and all would be known."

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